BORN: 1896
DIED: 10-31-1933
BURIAL: Rose Hill Burial Park, Akron, Ohio

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Akron, Ohio police officer. Killed in the line of duty.

On the evening of September 3, 1933, Peterson, 37, and his partner, "Cruiserman" Harry Stewart were involved in a wild chase down Clearview Avenue in Akron in pursuit of a drunken driver. During the high-speed chase, a tire on their police cruiser exploded when it hit a large stone in the road bringing the car to a jolting stop. Stewart and Peterson were both officially listed as "bruised and cut". Somehow, the large stone that they hit was thrown up and hit Peterson and crushed his shoulder. Because of his injury, Pete was put on light duty at the police station. But Peterson, famed both as one of the jolliest and one of the bravest policeman on the force, never properly recovered. On October 31, 1933, Pete died. At the time, the doctor said death was caused by a blood clot. The Summit County medical examiner agreed. Peterson left a wife and a 5-year-old son, Ray. When the police memorial that rests at the entrance of the Akron Police Department was erected, Pete's name was not included in the inscriptions. This was believed to be as he was injured on the job but did not actually die in the line of duty. However, Marlene Long, a secretary in the chief's office and retired Akron police Lt. James Buie did not agree with that long past decision. They spearheaded a study to get Peterson's name inscribed on the memorial. Today, "Happy Pete" Peterson's name IS on the memorial, 73-years after his death. It's about time!